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In Memory of Mary (Lyon) Gale

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Mary (Lyon) Gale

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3 Children
5 Grandchildren

Mary Gale (Lyon), 69, of San Diego, Calif., passed away on June 28, 2013.

The cause of death was due to complications of manic depression, bipolar, schizoaffective disorder, hypothyroidism and Parkinson's. She was born in Lakewood on Feb. 10, 1944 to June Nash and James Lyon.

Early in life, Mary was a star student, artist, dancer and beauty pageant queen.

She graduated from Wadsworth High School and received a bachelor's degree in art education from the Ohio State University.

Mary was married to Dick Gale from 1964-1982.

Mary is survived by three children, Jim Gale of Duvall, Wash., Christi Kane of Greensburg, Pa., and Steve Gale of San Diego, Calif. She is also survived by five grandchildren.

Despite the mental and physical problems Mary had, she never played the role of a victim and never let these things define her for who she was. Mary was extremely creative in life; the world to her was a canvas that she could paint whatever she wanted. What she painted was a world where there were kind, caring, giving and loving people around her simply because that is who she was. She reflected the best of an individual making people feel good about themselves. Her willpower was strong and independent, but comforting to be around. Being an artist and a dreamer, she could look at something for more than what it was and see things other people could not.

Mary's biggest dream was to go out and teach people about the importance of art and art education in today's society. She believed the emphasis of art could transform our current ways of thinking to bring more beauty and peace into this world. She gave away everything she had through most of her life to make others happy, never concerned about tangible goods and always wanted to help others. She was also very spiritual with Christ, as he held a very unique place in her heart and soul. Mary was a very positive energetic soul who left an impression on anyone who met her. The word "inspirational" comes to mind of this amazing woman that few people knew.

The family asks in honor of Mary that you go forward and do something kind, caring, giving, loving and creative for the rest of your life.

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