Wadsworth Ohio High School Class of 1962

In Memory of Wanda (Bowers) Reed

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Wanda (Bowers) Reed


William (Bill) F. Reed, Jr., born Feb. 7, 1943, died Nov. 30, 2020
Wanda Lee Reed born Dec. 2, 1943, died Oct. 17, 2020.

They were 15 years old when they met. The term soulmate seems to be an
overused cliche but in the case of Bill and Wanda, it's a perfect description.
Bill went into the army and Wanda started her cosmetology career. After Bill
returned from the Army the couple married in 1963 starting a family. First
born Amy, then son, William F. III. They moved from Wadsworth, Ohio to
Englewood in the early 70s. Bill worked for Storer Cable TV for years until the
Sea called, getting a captain's license and becoming a popular Charter dive
boat captain in the area until he retired. Wanda always worked as a stylist,
owning her own salon, and then later working for Lannie's then Maudie's' hair
design. She was still working until the closing due to the pandemic.
Wanderlust, making the most of their DASH!! Scuba diving, motorcycle
riding, camping, skydiving, pilot, stock car racing, hot dog stand, chicken
raising, crafting, kayaking, bowling, hot air ballooning, white water rafting,
bungee jumping, trip to Germany, and camping in Alaska, and participating in
the Arcadia Rodeo. Members of VFW, Moose Riders, Amvets of Arcadia, BPW,
Greenpeace, Sierra Club, American Legion, United Methodist Church.

They leave their children, Amy and Bill, their daughter-in-law, Kimberlee
Reed. Their most beloved and dearest grandchildren, Emily, Sarah (Kyle), Bill
IV; also, Boomer and Lucky; and a whole lot of friends, and clientele.

The couple will be interned at Sarasota Veterans Memorial Gardens to be
announced later. Together Forever and Always.

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