Wadsworth Ohio High School Class of 1962


55 reunion


50th Class Reunion (click on photo for names)

Class Reunion Photo

Class Emails Pat will continue to sends the health updates and any e-mail you want forwarded to the class.  Just let Pat know when you want something sent.  We will use it as a prayer chain as well as for classmates updates.

Class Meetings (monthly)We continue to meet at Bob Evans at 5:00 PM on the third Tuesday of the month except in December.  Pat sends out a reminder and if you are interested let us know and if you want your name taken off of that list you can also let us know. If anyone comes into town at another time let Pat know and Pat can send out an e-mail and we can make arrangements for a separate breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Web site This web site may contain some of the information that you are emailed but is not intended to replace the emails you have been receiving. Hopefully the web site will contain a class history so after you have deleted the email and want to find the information you can find it here.

This web site, like all other class functions is provided by your fellow classmates at no cost to the class.

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